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Support for advanced analytics at edge, real-time, and batch.

Data Analytics IoT Framework

Apex Technomatics offers open-source, reusable components that integrate with leading IoT platforms to help enterprises rapidly collect, pre-process, store, and analyze huge volume of machine data.

The framework offers:

  • Real-time data acquisition from sensors, devices, and equipment using standard IoT protocols MQTT and XMPP
  • Edge analytics to control and monitor connected devices
  • Large scale data transformation and processing using the power and agility of Big Data
  • Real time analytics to generate and view insights, alerts and visualization
  • Data correlation engine to improve decision making by rule processing and event correlation
  • Data analytics engine with the MapReduce paradigm of Big Data processing
  • Machine learning algorithms to build industry specific applications, such as frequent pattern mining, failure prediction, time to failure, demand forecasting, etc.


  • Reduce time to market with inbuilt capabilities
  • Receive insights by monitoring IoT devices in real-time
  • Improve the relevance of decision making with cross functional insights
  • Reduce support, maintenance, and upfront investment

What Our Client Say

Today, customer experience defines the brand, analytics overrule instincts, and innovation, insight, and agility—not size—defines winners

We are proud of our long list of industry solutions, accolades for our leadership team, and recognition from partners.


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